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The CRB Commodity Yearbook 2004

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THE SINGLE MOST COMPREHENSIVE SOURCE OF COMMODITY AND FUTURESMARKET INFORMATION AVAILABLE Since 1939, professional traders, commercial hedgers, portfoliomanagers, and speculators have come to regard The CRB CommodityYearbook as the 'bible' of the industry. Here is a wealth ofauthoritative data, gathered from government reports, privateindustry, and trade and industry associations, all compiled by theCommodity Research Bureau, the organization of record for theentire commodity industry itself. Absolutely essential for identifying changing trends in supply anddemand and for projecting important price movements, the Yearbookgives the investor: * Worldwide supply/demand and production/consumption data for allthe basic commodities and futures markets-from A(luminum) toZ(inc), including all the major markets in interest rates,currencies, energy, and stock index futures * Over 900 tables, graphs, and price charts of historical data,many of which show price history dating back to 1900 * Fact filled CD-ROM: As an added bonus to this year's edition, acompanion CD-ROM has been included to provide readers with valuablecommodity information in an easy-to-use electronic format * Concise introductory articles that describe the salient featuresof each commodity and help put the quantitative information inperspective * Articles by prominent professionals on key markets and importantissues concerning the commodity industry. The 2004 Yearbookfeatures articles by CRB Chief Economist, Richard W. Asplund,including: "Major Commodity Bull Market Emerges in 2003," "U.S. Economic SurgeDrives Global Economic Recovery," "Free-Trade Talks Produce SomeSuccesses but Move from Global to Regional," and "China Breaks Outas a Major Player in Global Commodity and Financial Markets." For anyone dealing in commodities, The CRB Commodity Yearbook 2004offers an abundance of valuable information and indispensableguidance for decision-making.

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