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The Magic of the Akashic Records

Understanding Our Soul Journey

Chris Wilson

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Sachbuch / Sonstiges


This book is about my work in the Akashic Records- an energetic record of the experiences of all souls  on Earth throughout time.

The key messages of The Magic of the Akashic Records are

  • when we are challenged on a human level, on a soul level all is perfect.
  • we can use the energy of the Akashic Records to help us in our daily lives.

This understanding has the potential to end human suffering.

Interwoven with my own story and the real human and soul stories of those I work with is information about life purpose and lessons, soul contracts and the deeper reasons for difficult relationships and the challenges we face. I write about the healing potential of the records and how was can use them to reclaim and reconnect with talents, attributes and wisdom from past lives.

Through my work in the Akashic Records I have transformed my life and am helping hundreds of others to do the same.

The energy of the Akashic Records is of a high vibration. It is healing and uplifting. The Records are a place where magic and miracles happen. They have cast a spell on me! They are too good a secret to keep to myself!

The Magic of the Akashic Records includes:

  • how a family crisis led me to the records.
  • information from the Akashic Records that reveals the perfection of our soul’s plan.
  • startling information and true stories about the healing potential of the Akashic Records.
  • ways ordinary people can use the Akashic Records to help themselves reach their potential.





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