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The Day AI Becomes God

The Singularity Will Save Humanity

Tetsuzo Matsumoto

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rising in the public consciousness and discussion around its applications thrives—as do ideas of AI as a threat. Even Stephen Hawking warned that AI could destroy humanity.In The Day AI Becomes God, Tetsuzo (Ted) Matsumoto—a Former Board Director and Chief Strategy Officer of SoftBank Mobile Corp.—argues his belief not that humanity is doomed in a world under the control of future AI, but the opposite: Humanity is surely destined for destruction unless humans cede control to AI. And he believes that very little time is left.This book is an exploration of what the coming singularity means for our society, business, politics, and our work and leisure lives. And the way in which we approach it depends on how we, as humans, view our very own existence.

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