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Weapon UwU Vol 1


SJ Whitby

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Weapon UwU - who'd expect us to be a team of deadly mutant assassins with a name like that?

The Team:

- a trans boy ready for his glow-up into a leading man

- an undead sweetheart with a bellyful of acid

- a furious firebreathing girl

- a hive mind of very polite spiders

- an over-it aroace woman who knows how scared you are of her

- a group of increasingly unhinged clones

The Misson:

To cross into a parallel universe and kill a mutant as powerful as a god, then clean up any mess

The Complications:

Okay so yikes this has spiralled out of control and now there may be some other terrifying new threats to deal with! We're on it though, I promise. Weapon UwU!

"The Cute Mutants series somehow managed to mutate my jet black heart into a pink sparkling emoji. Readers will come for the quirky superpowers and electric world that SJ has created, but they will stay for the characters. Amongst the killer fight scenes and nail-biting tension is a poignant and tender story of friendship, belonging, being accepted, and most of all loved exactly as you are. Pronouns, foul-mouth words, talking pillows and all."

- Melody Robinette, YA fantasy author

"Cute Mutants is a wild electric joyride from start to finish - burning dumpster gifs and all. SJ Whitby writes the superhero genre at its best, with thrilling, vivid fight scenes, voice-y high school angst, and queer found family that grabs you by the throat. Armed with grit, guts, and a baseball bat, Dylan Taylor is the fierce, sharp-witted protagonist of my dreams. When she wakes up with superpowers after kissing a girl at a party, Dylan trades her backpack and textbooks for a fierce mutant squad of her own - where every day's a battle and survival isn't guaranteed. This series is a queer, rainbow-glitter explosion of subverted tropes and fast-paced action that leaps from the page straight into your heart."

- Jenna Voris, author of MADE OF STARS

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female protagonist, friendship, action, superhero, superpowers, romance, lgbtqia+, female friendship, girl gang, adventure