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iNtellectually dyslexiC

A sideways journey through a matrix of words

Teira Naahi

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


It is never easy to expose your soul to the world. iNtellectually dyslexiC is self-expressive nudity on a page. The unique written voice of Teira Naahi strums true in this collection of poetry and stories. You may find inside a sliver or chunk of yourself. He has strung words together with clever artistry, but it is the emotion that will entice a smile or grab you by the throat. Is this artist a musician who writes poetry and prose or a painter who makes music and words? A rhetorical question with no honest answer - quintessentially, Naahi.



Gisborne, Turanganui, New Zealand, verse, poetry, Maori, IntelligentFoolz, lyric, stories, author, poem, Tairawhiti