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Dead Skip

A DKA File Novel

Joe Gores

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"Raw reality. A tough, taut writer. Saves a gut-punch for the climax." —  The Washington Post

In the first book of Joe Gores's razor-sharp Daniel Kearny Associates series, a DKA investigator clings to life after a devastating car crash. The police are ready to write it off as a drunk driving incident, but the DKA team knows it was an attempted homicide. Now they have seventy-two hours to search the backstreets of San Francisco and find the truth about the "accident" from a stripper, an embezzler, an ex-con, and other unsavory characters. Gores, a former detective and three-time Edgar Award–winner, spins a gritty, fast-moving tale that mystery lovers can't resist and compares with the best of Hammett and Chandler. This new edition of Dead Skip features a bonus DKA short story, "File #2: Stakeout on Page Street."

"A traditional American crime novel, out of Black Mask, Hammett, and Chandler. . . . The Continental Op could do no more. . . . [Gores] has come up with a winner." —  The New York Times

"[Gores is] one of the very few authentic private eyes to enter the field of fiction since Dashiell Hammett." — Anthony Boucher

"The hard, compelling smack of raw truth." — Ellery Queen, on the DKA File series