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The Complete Poems of Tibullus

An En Face Bilingual Edition

Albius Tibullus

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Belletristik / Essays, Feuilleton, Literaturkritik, Interviews


Tibullus is considered one of the finest exponents of Latin lyric in the golden age of Rome, during the Emperor Augustus’s reign, and his poetry retains its enduring beauty and appeal. Together these works provide an important document for anyone who seeks to understand Roman culture and sexuality and the origins of Western poetry.

• The new translation by Rodney Dennis and Michael Putnam conveys to students the elegance and wit of the original poems.

• Ideal for courses on classical literature, classical civilization, Roman history, comparative literature, and the classical tradition and reception.

• The Latin verses will be printed side-by-side with the English text.

• Explanatory notes and a glossary elucidate context and describe key names, places, and events.

• An introduction by Julia Haig Gaisser provides the necessary historical and social background to the poet’s life and works.

• Includes the poems of Sulpicia and Lygdamus, transmitted with the text of Tibullus and formerly ascribed to him.

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