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The Devil behind the Mirror

Globalization and Politics in the Dominican Republic

Steven Gregory

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In The Devil behind the Mirror, Steven Gregory provides a compelling and intimate account of the impact that transnational processes associated with globalization are having on the lives and livelihoods of people in the Dominican Republic. Grounded in ethnographic fieldwork conducted in the adjacent towns of Boca Chica and Andrés, Gregory's study deftly demonstrates how transnational flows of capital, culture, and people are mediated by contextually specific power relations, politics, and history. He explores such topics as the informal economy, the making of a telenova, sex tourism, and racism and discrimination against Haitians, who occupy the lowest rung on the Dominican economic ladder. Innovative, beautifully written, and now updated with a new preface,  The Devil behind the Mirror masterfully situates the analysis of global economic change in everyday lives.



transnational capital, racism, politics, transnational, global economic change, gender, imagination, haitians, livelihood, ethnographic fieldwork, gender studies, andres, telenova, caribbean islands, culture, discrimination, identity politics, power relations, caribbean, poverty, central america, history, sex tourism, economy of difference, capital, masculinity, power and wealth, impact of transnationalism, boca chica, government and governing, hispaniola, informal economy, dominican republic, haiti, globalization