Marine Historical Ecology in Conservation

Applying the Past to Manage for the Future

Louise K. Blight (Hrsg.), Loren McClenachan (Hrsg.), Keryn B. Gedan (Hrsg.), John N. Kittinger (Hrsg.)

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This pioneering volume provides a blueprint for managing the challenges of ocean conservation using marine historical ecology—an interdisciplinary area of study that is helping society to gain a more in-depth understanding of past human-environmental interactions in coastal and marine ecosystems and of the ecological and social outcomes associated with these interactions.

Developed by groundbreaking practitioners in the field, Marine Historical Ecology  in Conservation highlights the innovative ways that historical ecology can be applied to improve conservation and management efforts in the oceans.

The book focuses on four key challenges that confront marine conservation: (1) recovering endangered species, (2) conserving fisheries, (3) restoring ecosystems, and (4) engaging the public. Chapters emphasize real-world conservation scenarios appropriate for students, faculty, researchers, and practitioners in marine science, conservation biology, natural resource management, paleoecology, and marine and coastal archaeology.

By focusing on success stories and applied solutions, this volume delivers the required up-to-date science and tools needed for restoration and protection of ocean and coastal ecosystems.



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