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Experiencing Latin American Music

Carol A. Hess

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Musik


Experiencing Latin American Music draws on human experience as a point of departure for musical understanding. Students explore broad topics—identity, the body, religion, and more—and relate these to Latin American musics while refining their understanding of musical concepts and cultural-historical contexts. With its brisk and engaging writing, this volume covers nearly fifty genres and provides both students and instructors with online access to audio tracks and listening guides. A detailed instructor’s packet contains sample quizzes, clicker questions, and creative, classroom-tested assignments designed to encourage critical thinking and spark the imagination. Remarkably flexible, this innovative textbook empowers students from a variety of disciplines to study a subject that is increasingly relevant in today’s diverse society. 
In addition to the instructor’s packet, online resources for students include:

  • customized Spotify playlist
  • online listening guides
  • audio sound links to reinforce musical concepts
  • stimulating activities for individual and group work



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