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Green Criminology

Crime, Justice, and the Environment

Paul B. Stretesky, Michael A. Long, Kimberly L. Barrett, et al.

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This groundbreaking text provides students with an overview and assessment of green criminology as well as a call to action. Green Criminology draws attention to the ways in which the political-economic organization of capitalism causes ecological destruction and disorganization. Focusing on real-world issues of green crime and environmental justice, chapters examine ecological withdrawals, ecological additions, toxic towns, wildlife poaching and trafficking, environmental laws, and nongovernmental environmental organizations. The book also presents an unintimidating introduction to research from the physical sciences on issues such as climate change, pollution levels, and the ecological footprint of humans, providing a truly interdisciplinary foundation for green criminological analysis.
To help students succeed in the course—and to encourage them to see themselves as future green criminology researchers—the end-of-chapter study guides include:
• Questions and Activities for Students that review topics students should be able to conceptualize and address.
• Lessons for Researchers that suggest additional areas of research in the study of green crime.

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