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Manufactured Insecurity

Mobile Home Parks and Americans’ Tenuous Right to Place

Esther Sullivan

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Manufactured Insecurity is the first book of its kind to provide an in-depth investigation of the social, legal, geospatial, and market forces that intersect to create housing insecurity for an entire class of low-income residents. Drawing on rich ethnographic data collected before, during, and after mobile home park closures and community-wide evictions in Florida and Texas—the two states with the largest mobile home populations— Manufactured Insecurity forces social scientists and policymakers to respond to a fundamental question: how do the poor access and retain secure housing in the face of widespread poverty, deepening inequality, and scarce legal protection? With important contributions to urban sociology, housing studies, planning, and public policy, the book provides a broader understanding of inequality and social welfare in the United States today.

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sociology of class, financial struggles, housing insecurity, public policy, evictions, mobile homes, policymakers, family struggles, legal protection, social scientists, social science, social welfare, housing market, urban sociology, florida, trailer parks, texas, displacement, poor people, united states, low income housing, poverty, inequality, housing studies