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The Sea in the Middle

The Mediterranean World, 650–1650

Thomas E Burman, Mark D. Meyerson, Brian A. Catlos, et al.

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


The Sea in the Middle presents an original and revisionist narrative of the development of the medieval west from late antiquity to the dawn of modernity. This textbook is uniquely centered on the Mediterranean and emphasizes the role played by peoples and cultures of Africa, Asia, and Europe in an age when Christians, Muslims, and Jews of various denominations engaged with each other in both conflict and collaboration.
Key features:

  • Fifteen-chapter structure to aid classroom use  
  • Sections in each chapter that feature key artifacts relevant to chapter themes
  • Dynamic visuals, including 190 photos and 20 maps
The Sea in the Middle and its sourcebook companion, Texts from the Middle, pair together to provide a framework and materials that guide students through this complex but essential history—one that will appeal to the diverse student bodies of today.