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Vulnerable Witness

The Politics of Grief in the Field

Patricia J. Lopez (Hrsg.), Kathryn Gillespie (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


Scholars and practitioners who witness violence and loss in human, animal, and ecological contexts are expected to have no emotional connection to the subjects they study. Yet is this possible? Following feminist traditions,  Vulnerable Witness centers the researcher and challenges readers to reflect on how grieving is part of the research process and, by extension, is a political act. Through thirteen reflective essays the book theorizes the role of grief in the doing of research—from methodological choices, fieldwork and analysis, engagement with individuals, and places of study to the manner in which scholars write and talk about their subjects. Combining personal stories from early career scholars, advocates, and senior faculty, the book shares a breadth of emotional engagement at various career stages and explores the transformative possibilities that emerge from being enmeshed with one's own research. 



feminist traditions, fieldwork, personal stories, senior faculty, doing of research, methodological choices, scholars, reflective essays, advocates, political act, emotional engagement, animal, challenges, loss, researchers, violence, engagement, various career stages, grieving, transformative possibilities, practitioners, human, ecological, emotional connection, subjects, analysis, early career scholars, role of grief