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High-Tech Trash

Glitch, Noise, and Aesthetic Failure

Carolyn L. Kane

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft


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High-Tech Trash analyzes creative strategies in glitch, noise, and error to chart the development of an aesthetic paradigm rooted in failure. Carolyn L. Kane explores how technologically influenced creative practices, primarily from the second half of the twentieth and first quarter of the twenty-first centuries, critically offset a broader culture of pervasive risk and discontent. In so doing, she questions how we continue onward, striving to do better and acquire more, despite inevitable disappointment. High-Tech Trash speaks to a paradox in contemporary society in which failure is disavowed yet necessary for technological innovation.



new media, thomas rush, modern art, adventure time, hyper technology, digital aesthetics, human struggle, analog, kanye, rosa menkman, andreas gursky, art history, error, sublime, wall e, digital signal processing, rhetoric, dupont, data, visual noise, innovation, signal noise, fallible, media, nonfiction, fine art, digital, technology, digital art, contemporary art, failure, landscape, edward burtynsky, high tech, art, aesthetics, inside out, takeshi murata, disney