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The Analects

Conclusions and Conversations of Confucius


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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


For anyone interested in China—its past, its present, and its future—the Analects (Lunyu) is a must-read. This new translation by renowned East Asian scholar Moss Roberts will offer a fresh interpretation of this classic work, sharpening and clarifying its positions on ethics, politics, and social organization. While no new edition of the Analects will wholly transform our understanding of Confucius’s teachings, Roberts’s translation attends to the many nuances in the text that are often overlooked, allowing readers a richer understanding of Confucius’ historic and heroic attempt to restore order and morality to government.
This edition of the Analects features a critical introduction by the translator as well as notes on key terms and historical figures, a topical index, and suggestions for further reading in recent English and Chinese scholarship to extend the rich contextual background for his translation. This ambitious new edition of the Analects will enhance the understanding of specialists and newcomers to Confucius alike.

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Confucianism, edited conversations, poetic, selected speeches, influence, translation, modern, reform, glossary, kingdoms, Chinese characters, philosophy, collection, disciples, pedagogy, thought, ancient, education, Han dynasty