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The First True Hitchcock

The Making of a Filmmaker

Henry K. Miller

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Reise / Nord- und Mittelamerika


This untold origin story of the filmmaker excavates the first true Hitchcock film and explores its transatlantic history.

Alfred Hitchcock called The Lodger "the first true Hitchcock movie," one that anticipated all the others. And yet, the story of how The Lodger came to be made is shrouded in myth, often repeated and much embellished, by even Hitchcock himself. The truth—revealed in new archival discoveries—is stranger still. The First True Hitchcock traces a twelve-month period that encompasses  The Lodger's production in 1926 and general release in 1927, presenting a new picture of this pivotal year in Hitchcock's life. Henry K. Miller situates The Lodger against the backdrop of a continent shattered by war and confronted with the looming presence of a new superpower, the United States, whose most visible export was film. The previously untold story of  The Lodger's making in the London fog and its attempted remaking in the Los Angeles sun is the story of how Hitchcock became Hitchcock.

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