Bollywood Kitchen

Home-Cooked Indian Meals Paired with Unforgettable Bollywood Films

Sri Rao

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';Rao gives new meaning to ';dinner and a movie' by creating menus inspired by classic Indian films.'Houston Chronicle Indian cuisine and Indian cinema (known as Bollywood) share much in commonbold colors and flavors with plenty of drama. But to the uninitiated, they can seem dizzying. Let Sri Rao be your guide. As one of the only Americans working in Bollywood, Sri is an expert on Indian musical films, and as an avid cook, he's taken his mom's authentic, home-cooked recipes and adapted them for the modern, American kitchen. In this book you'll find dinner menus and brunch menus, menus for kids and menus for cocktail parties. Along with each healthy and easy-to-prepare meal, Sri has paired one of his favorite Bollywood movies. Every one of these films is a musical, packed with dazzling song-and-dance numbers that are the hallmark of Bollywood, beloved by millions of fans all over the world. Sri will introduce each film to you, explaining why you'll love it, and letting you in on some juicy morsels from behind the scenes. ';Rao has created more than a book of recipes. There is seldom a cookbook that voracious readers can flip through for story; this one feeds the eye and imagination. One can run their thumb and forefinger over technicolor pages featuring decadent film and food stills. The narrative also unearths the author: cheeky, perceptive, honest.'Edible Brooklyn ';Full of humor and insight,Bollywood Kitchenmakes a great read, even if neither Bollywood nor cooking are your passions. A delightful read.'News India Times