Reading the Sacred Text

An Introduction in Biblical Studies

Shillington V. George Shillington

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Sachbuch / Religion: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


A comprehensive manual for anyone wishing to become competent in reading and understanding the Scriptures of the Judeo-Christian tradition.The chapters of this book introduce the reader to all aspects of biblical studies. They guide the reader through the maze, from 'Venturing In' to 'Negotiated Reading'. There are sections on, for example, considering the self-consciousness of the reader/interpreter, the interaction of the tradition with the text of Scripture through the ages, the various literary genres together with the principal forms within the larger biblical documents, ways of reading the text in the modern and post-modern periods, how the academic reading of Scripture and the church reading interact, the relation between competent reading of the sacred text and the preparation and delivery of the sermon, the place of dialogue in the interpretive process.The conclusion sums up the discussion throughout the book and focuses the issues for a competent reading of the Bible and related writings.Student-friendly features include, at the end of each chapter:--An Objective, summarizing the content and objective of the chapter12-14 lead questions with act as in-depth study exercises--Full bibliography and suggestions for further reading

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