Doing Theology with Photographs

Sarah Dunlop

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Fotografie, Film, Video, TV


This book is the first of its kind to fully explain how to use photographs for research within Practical Theology. An essential tool for anyone exploring how visual material can shed light on their research questions, the book functions as a guide to using the methods well. It includes a rationale for using photographs within the emerging field of empirical work within theology, which is useful for students or others within the academy who need to justify using a visual approach for their research projects and dissertations.

Drawing on the author''s own experience of using visual approaches, the book covers a variety of visual methods, including photojournalism, different types of photo elicitation, photo voice and studies of visual social media. Each chapter illustrates the method under discussion via a case study and photographs and contains a practical guide to using the method well and avoiding pitfalls. Additionally, the book explores how photographs can be used to resource theological reflection and spirituality, thus linking research and faithful practice within the rational for using visual material.

Designed for the classroom use, each chapter contains:
- Chapter summary (learning points)
- Background information
- ''how to'' with examples of research projects
- Advantages and limitations of the method
- Conclusion

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