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The Scandinavian Aggressors

Rowdy Geirsson

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Belletristik / Märchen, Sagen, Legenden


An offbeat odyssey into the freezing heart of the modern Northlands

The Scandinavian Aggressors chronicles Rowdy Geirsson's tireless quest to uncover the secret history of the early 21st century's resurgence of authentic viking activity known as the Modern Viking Movement.

Along the way he meets modern viking luminaries such as Trond "Troll-Breath" Trondsen, who successfully raided a historic monastery's gift shop in England; Björn Svensson, who habitually recited classic rock lyrics at the site of each of his infamous berserkings; and Ingrid Törnblom, who founded an elite warrior sisterhood that drew comparisons to the Spartans of ancient Greece, the Samurai of feudal Japan, and perhaps most flattering of all, the Jedi Knights of the Intergalactic Republic. Encounters with additional Neo-Norse individuals augment the journey, revealing long-hidden details about the slaying of a creepy troll in Beowulf's homeland, the brewing of craft beer from within pagan burial mounds, and the suffering of horrendous digestive problems amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of Iceland's remarkable landscape.

Topical, informative, and highly insightful, The Scandinavian Aggressors not only provides essential reading for anyone with even a remote interest in the Modern Viking Movement, but also spins a darn good yarn about the fragility of the Scandinavian condition.

"Funny as hell! Kind of like Rolling Stone for the Álfablót crowd." -Scott Oden, author of A Gathering of Ravens and Twilight of the Gods

"This is one of the most entertaining books I've read in a long time. Geirsson's journey through the Modern Viking Movement is a feat of exploration worthy of Leif Eriksson himself. Witty, informative, thought provoking, and at times laugh-out-loud funny, there is something here for everyone from scholars of medieval Icelandic sagas to fans of Bill Bryson, and particularly for those who are both."

-Tim Hodkinson, author of The Whale Road Chronicles

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