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If You Ain't Ranger You Ain't....

Robert Pittard

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This is a story that descibes one man's journey to become a United States Army Ranger.   Not for the weak of mind or spirit – the physically and mentally demanding eight weeks of Ranger School test the limits of every aspiring Ranger student.  Twenty-hour days with little food, mind-numbing PT, hand-to-hand combat and tortuous hours in the infamous “Worm Pit,” parachuting under dangerous conditions, air assault operations, killing game to survive, arduous road marches, water-borne operations, patrolling through the impenetrable woods of southern Georgia; climbing the cloud-topping mountains of the Tennessee Valley Divide of North Georgia; and braving the fetid swamps of Florida.  This is the journey of one such survivor.  Bullied from a young age, and subjected to the racism and bigotry of the 60’s, this is the story of one little boy’s dream to become a United States Army Ranger.  Always the smallest and the weakest, against all odds, Chris Pittard persevered through all the obstacles placed in his way, to emerge as a United States Army Ranger. 

This is the true story of one man’s journey to that pinnacle of Army soldiering and leadership, and his fight to earn the coveted Ranger Tab.

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