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The Downtown Underground

A memoir of my time with the underground drag queens of Downtown Los Angeles

London Alexander

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Belletristik / Romanhafte Biographien


Sex, Drugs, and False Eyelashes--

Surviving an encounter with a gun-wielding lesbian, a car chase by a jealous stranger, and being drowned by drag queens, The Downtown Underground is the satirical memoir of a queer kid that stumbled into the outrageous world of Downtown Los Angeles’ drag scene. 

When drag broke into the mainstream, it gave birth to a subculture of performers that didn’t aspire to be media-friendly beauty queens. Instead, these drag queens embraced the culture of an underground art. The raw, monstrous underbelly of drag has since evolved into The Downtown Underground. 

This coming-of-age adventure tells the story of a misfit queer struggling to find his place in the LGBT community. 

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alternative lifestyle, gay liberation, coming of age, drugs, LGBT, gay pride, LGBTQIA, underground, alcohol, drag queen, queer, drag, gay