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J Thomas Brown

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Mooncalf: Suggesting misshapen. Or a fool, not belonging. It is a quest for perfection that is not found. In this collection you will find joy, satire, pathos, magic, and the goblin spirit, duende. Some of the poems come from dreams, some from close encounters with the bending sickle. The closer the chine, the truer the line. In 2011 it came close when I spent seven days in the hospital with extensive blood clotting. After getting out I realized I had been rewired. Art affected me differently. Colors in paintings were deeper. The genius of musical composition, short stories, and poetry became more apparent and emotional reaction stronger. I wrote more and collected my poems into MOONCALF. - JTB 


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satire, mooncalf, magic, pathos, poetry, collection