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The Days Of The Grab Bag Candy Kids

Izara London, Jaye London

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Mother and son, Izara London and Jaye London, pen their first series of children books, The Days of the Grab Bag Candy Kids. The story gives children a glimpse of the good-ol'-fun that children had back in the days. Children will learn the value of family and how the village's involvement in children's lives helps to keep them safe. Children will learn fun games to play and parents could bring these games back into the lives of their children, which could be a diversion from the overuse of time on computer games, which are non-exercising activities aiding in the overweight population of our children today. The Days of the Grab Bag Candy Kids teaches a moral lesson on the importance of family and the consequences of being disobedient to parents. Both parents and children will enjoy this story. Parents will get a kick out of having their remembrance jolted about the different candies they used to eat when they were children.