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Confessions of a Trumpist with Observations on the Character of the Weakest, Most Corrupt and Cowardly President in American History

Hank the Janitor

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This is the story of Hank. A retired janitor, son of a mechanic - and one of the forgotten men and women who Trump promised to take care of once elected. No one was more excited when Trump won the presidency. Hank was a Trumpist, through and through. He came to realize however that it was all a big con, that the first thing Trump did was to forget about people like him. Trump, more than any other politician in history broke all his promises and lied through his teeth. Hank came to see that America had elected the weakest, most corrupt and cowardly president in American history. Hank left the Trump base and is now voting for Biden, a working-class guy with some principles. Hank hopes you will vote for Biden too.



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