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Spiritual Wealth

a 40-Day Journey to Developing Stewardship Mindset

Marcus Hall

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Living the Christian life is not a simple task. As followers of Jesus, we desire to please Him and form our lifestyle by His instructions, but our natural tendencies will always drag us the wrong way.

God commands us to live as good stewards of all the precious gifts He's entrusted to us. We're not just talking about finances though. Stewardship also includes every talent, every skill, and every minute of time we receive during our lifetime.

Spiritual Wealth will help you focus on scripture and principles to help you become a better manager of God's gifts. Learn how to more effectively tap into the power of the Holy Spirit.

This book is ideal for:

  • The long-time Christian looking for deeper spiritual growth
  • The new Christian searching for a Godly lifestyle
  • The non-Christian who's never opened a Bible

Inside these pages, you'll find a wealth of wisdom delivered straight from God's word. Be prepared to challenge your current way of thinking as you begin the journey to true stewardship.

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