Verified Vanity

Michael Weist

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Verified Vanity is a poignant, powerful, and insightful look into the world of influencers, content creators, and Hollywood's up-and-coming prodigies from the perspective of Michael Weist, one of L.A.'s youngest talent managers. Michael's story is original as it is timeless: since seventeen he has been ahead of the social media "curve," cultivating the best that Vine, Instagram, and TikTok have had to offer while navigating the life of a Hollywood agent. In less than a decade he has seen his talent gross millions of views and subscribers, hosted countless tours and conventions, and starred in a Hulu documentary, Jawline. Arriving in Hollywood at just eighteen years old, Michael began his legacy working with social media stars and quickly climbed the ranks of who's who, working with every level and brand of online talent. At twenty-four, he's ready to tell his story. His book, Verified Vanity, is a collection of essays about the many sides of young Hollywood fame and fortune, from fangirl obsession, collab house life, and black market verification to his vision for social media and the failed TanaCon. 

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