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Dress For Transformation

Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life

Shane K Twede

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Don't let a casual approach to how you and your team think and dress sabotage success. Take control of your personal and professional life using the Dress For Transformation (DFT) method.

Dress For Transformation is for those seeking higher performance and achievement. What we wear and how we think affects us and those around us. When we are neglectful with our attire, our subconscious mind records it and thrusts it back into our conscious mind at the most inappropriate times. DFT is overhauling our inner and outer selves to reach integrity, joy, and achieve whatever we desire.

Inside Dress For Transformation, you'll learn the key ingredients necessary to accelerate your achievements at home, in the gym, on the golf course, at work, or in your business. You'll also discover simple principles that will transform your employees, team, organization, and company into a more cohesive and motivated force.

DFT is based on years of research, real-world experience, and experimentation. From individual aspirations to organizational goals and objectives, implementing the DFT method will fast-track your route to success. Based on decades of experience running small, medium, and large teams, Shane K Twede developed the DFT method to deliver real and more satisfying results.

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