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Margin Calls

& Other Disasters

Clayton B. Smith

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Ratgeber / Familie


Take Wall Street and the Supreme Court, throw in a corrupt cop, a loan shark and a hot dog vendor and you've got Margin Calls and Other Disasters. This story is true, intriguing and maybe even unbelievable at times, but when you finish reading it, any disaster that comes to mind now will be a faint memory. Did I give any thought to the consequences of suing an attorney for malpractice? What are the chances of a simple hot dog vendor arguing, let alone ever winning his own case in the Supreme Court? This story begins when I was a little boy whose father just happened to be a Marine Corp fighter pilot, an ace in the F-4 Phantom. It follows my life through growing up with a learning disorder and on to the French Riviera then on to a short unsuccessful career as a stock day trader. The FBI investigates a corrupt cop and a loan shark. One testifies at my trial and the other takes the Fifth. I hire an attorney who abandons me and take over my own case. 'Here Lies My Attorney"