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Unfinished Vengeance

Jack Segal

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


2012-Richard Jameson, a hard-nosed, take-no-prisoners lieutenant with the New York Police Department, is frustrated with the criminal element in society and their impact on his beloved city. But when a law-enforcement officer who has been working to infiltrate terrorist cells is murdered, Jameson is summoned to work on the case because of his knowledge of New York City. He is placed on administrative leave from the NYPD and assigned to the Federal Anti-Terrorist Task Force. Molded by the untimely, violent deaths of his siblings during a Russian offensive, Ibrahim Ben Mujihadini is transformed into an unforgiving, ruthless global terrorist. He seeks revenge against the Americans for supplying weapons to the Soviets in the past, and Mujihadini's targets are immigrants of Russian descent. From the Brighton Beach area during the International Freedom Games, Mujihadini plans to slay the President of the United States, who will be officiating at the opening ceremonies, and exterminate as many civilians as possible. He will not be satisfied until his vengeance is fulfilled-unless Jameson can stop him. From Chechnya, to the Middle East and New York City, Unfinished Vengeance is a high-powered novel of intrigue, deception, conspiracy, and murder.

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