Australian Wheat Varieties

Identification According to Plant, Head and Grain Characteristics

CW Wrigley, RH Martin, RW Fitzsimmons, et al.

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This handbook provides a practical description of wheat grain, heads and plants at several growth stages. It is designed to assist in distinguishing varieties currently grown throughout Australia, in the regions where each is usually grown. It is directed at a broad audience, including those involved with the grain trade at all stages, from seed production, through growing and harvesting, to receival and segregation, sales and utilization.Although Australia-wide in its overall approach, it is hoped that the handbook will form a basis to meet specialised local needs. Thus smaller sets of sheets, relating to local groups of varieties, might be selected and additional comments added, in the space provided, relating to the particular locality and season. In such a case, the characters that show the greatest differences between the particular varieties should be selected for identification.

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