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Notes to Soothe and Uplift

Katie Tymms

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


CALM - Notes to Soothe and Uplift

This little book contains a collection of notes, written as supportive reflections and insights, during times of uncertainty and change. 

May these words bring soothing calm, solace and comfort, a sense of ease and peace, inspired joy, and uplifting hope.   


You may choose to read this book from beginning to end, or perhaps you'll prefer to open it to any page, whenever you choose, and take in the words you are meant to receive, in each moment.  

Author, Katie Tymms, has written this little book, with a passion to support others to feel uplifted and empowered, through all circumstances in life, and to find and know ways to feel calm and ease.  



mindfulness, hope, healing, uplifting words, self-help, calm, difficult times, personal growth, uncertainty, meditation