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Profiling Men who view the world through different eyes, in pursuit of a better life for themselves and their families.

Russ Moore

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There has never been a greater time to bring together the tales of Men from around the globe.

History is created with the birth of every Man and the stories he leaves behind for generations to come can only be shared if they are told. My own father passed away with much of his life remaining a mystery to me because sadly, I didn't ask. I have now set about to be break that cycle.

The sole aim of YiseGuys is to bring together Men from different walks of life, nationalities, careers and cultures to share their experiences and tell their stories. In today's society, we need more Men to step forward, open up and speak their truths so others who seek direction have examples of paths to follow, paths that may well deliver them from troubled lives.

In Volume 1, you will read about Men who have overcome challenges, identified defining moments and made significant changes in the pursuit of better lives for themselves and their families. Others have had theirs life's paths confirmed as living exactly how they wish to be.

Blessed am I to share their stories so others will benefit for generations to come.

Russ Moore

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