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The Art of Lean Filmmaking

An unconventional guide to creating independent feature films

Kylie Eddy, David Eddy

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Lean Filmmaking is an explosion of creativity, turning conventional wisdom upside down to vigorously shake out obsolete ideas revered by the traditional film industry.

Writing a script. Pitching to investors. Surviving development hell. Before even picking up a camera. All while juggling a family, a social life and a day job. No wonder making an independent feature film feels out of reach.

Lean Filmmaking is different.

It celebrates experimentation and inventiveness, while forging a sustainable artistic practice.

It saves time, energy and money (but it's not just for low-budget or cheap ideas).

It takes advantage of surprising - often counterintuitive - strategies to dramatically improve the filmmaking process, including:

  • Collaborating in non-hierarchical, cross-functional squads
  • Working in ongoing iterative Make-Show-Adjust Cycles
  • Validating assumptions with early fan feedback

If you're ready to transition from shorts, series or online videos to creating independent feature films, go from idea to launch with the five-step Lean Filmmaking method.

Get started immediately with tested techniques that will empower you to take action, bust through stumbling blocks and ignite your creativity.

"Lean Filmmaking kickstarts an entire generation of new filmmaking voices, arming them with the tools and self-reliance to create original, important stories, then connecting them with the audience who especially craves them." -Perri Cummings and Paul Anthony Nelson, producers Trench

"Lean Filmmaking revolutionizes how filmmakers work." -Melanie Rowland, producer Time Apart

Cheeky provocateurs and creative agitators, siblings Kylie Eddy and David Eddy have combined their filmmaking experience and agile coaching expertise to re-imagine the development, production and distribution of independent films in an uncertain world.

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