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Moments in Time

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


Stories of men whose Moments in Time changed everything.

What are the moments that have shaped the direction your life has taken?

Can you pinpoint them?

Can you recall the decisions made that altered your path?

What lessons did they teach you?

What patterns did they reveal?

The men featured in these pages share their diverse experiences of their journeys through life. Hailing from different backgrounds, cultures and countries - they retrace the steps of their past to discover the moments of significance that have have led them to who they are today and the incredible lessons each moment has delivered.

Moments in Time will give you the tools to better understand who you are and the events that have shaped the direction of your life to date. This self-awareness brings the ability to steer the direction of your future course with optimism and confidence.



defining moments, life-changing