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Who Could Love You, Astor Price?

Amy Jane Lehan

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Jugendbücher ab 12 Jahre


Daughter of an alcoholic and recovering self-harmer, sixteen-year-old Astor Price is a pro at faking normal. Matty, the new kid at school, is everything Astor could hope for. Cute, charismatic, popular within days, and somehow, he's interested in her. Their first real date is set to be perfect, dinner and a movie alone. But not everything we want is good for us and the events of that night send her world into a tailspin. With a mother promising rehab and a best friend with a secret, Astor must find a way to exist in her new reality.

Set in a small Australian town and promising moments of heartache and hope, Who Could Love You, Astor Price? is the debut novel from Amy Jane Lehan. 



sex, popular, small town, high school, alcoholic parent, self-harm, rape, cutting, beach, alcoholic, Girl In Pieces, daughter, sexual assault, We Are Okay, suicidal thoughts, Nina LaCour, gay dads, party, teenager, Breathless, rehab, secrets, queer, Louise O'Neill, Jennifer Niven, Australia, best friend, non-binary, pride festival, abuse, pansexual, Sera Milano, hook up, Kathleen Glasgow, coming out, male best friend, Hold Still, physical abuse, pride, heartache, razor