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The Pisces Story

What you need to know

Angela M

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Ratgeber / Astrologie, Kosmos


This book has been created in order to provide the reader with a "getting to know you" guide to having a Sun in Pisces. The Sun and its position in the natal birth chart, shows us how we "shine" in the world. This book is written in plain language, with the intent to show the positive gifts and qualities that having a Sun in Pisces brings.

It is the intention of this book that it will provide the reader with understanding and clarity around how having a Sun in Pisces plays out in various areas of life. Of course, it has to be said that your Sun sign is only part of the story that tells us who you really are, there are many more factors that go into "having the full story" about each of us but understanding your Sun sign is a good place to start.



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