Winners, Lowlife & Losers

Tony Hogben

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I am writing this book, because I am a firm believer in the good old Aussie notion of a fair go for everyone, which is contrary to the grossly objectionable and un-Australian way we and our horses were treated almost all of the time. Like millions of Australian racing fans, I so clearly remember my most enjoyable moments in this industry. These memoirs are of an average smalltime thoroughbred breeder/owner who has bred and raced thoroughbreds up and down the country. This is a must read for all those thinking of entering, or are already involved in the industry. It is the hobby breeder's bible for all thoroughbred breeders, the likes of which has never been written before. Abuse against animals and some owners have become commonplace so this book is NOT about the big end of town or their carnival days. It is an unbiased account of the bread and butter side, the bulk of thoroughbred racing that operates year round in Australia.

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