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The Wounded

Morality Tale

Mick Malone

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


A migrant/ morality tale set largely in 1980s Kings Cross. Sex, drugs, history, morality, violence and politics. Part autobiographical, part fiction.

An immigrant tale.

A morality tale.

Seen through the eyes of the street.

Spoke through the mouth of a jaded thug.

A witness and player in the never ending story.

First convicts and guardsmen, freemen and settlers.

Self-funded migrants and war shattered refugees.

The incessant waves of humanity who wash upon the beaches.

People who bitch and battle for brand new lives in a strange wide land.

People who strive and fail and try once again.

People who learn and people who grow.

People who mix and meld, learn to think for themselves,

and one day become you and me.



Australiana, Mick Malone, Kings Cross