Wrong Place, Wrong Time

A Rafferty P.I. Thriller

W. Glenn Duncan

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


It should have been the easiest cash he'd ever make.But Rafferty forgot the golden rule.If it looks too good to be true Rafferty couldn't say no when bounty hunter Toby Wells offered him two hundred bucks for fifteen minutes work.No way he could have known Wells would kill an innocent man and use Rafferty for his escape.Now, the hunter becomes the hunted.Rafferty must find Wells and take him out before he kills again.But the bounty hunter is two steps ahead.He revels in the game, doesn't take prisoners, and already has Rafferty in his sights.The closer he gets to Wells, the closer Rafferty gets to being caught in the wrong place, wrong time.If you like Robert B. Parker's Spenser or Robert Crais' Elvis Cole, you'll love Rafferty: P.I.Buy WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME today..................................................................Praise for Rafferty P.I."e;If you like Parker's Spenser, or Robert Crais' Elvis Cole you should love the Rafferty series."e; - Mark A. Johnson."e;Rafferty is the best hardboiled PI of this era."e; - Wendy Green."e;Any fan of Micky Spillane, the Jack Reacher novels, or Mark Yost's Rick Crane novels should absolutely venture into the world of Rafferty P.I."e; - Michael Raabe."e;Duncan truly captured the pure essence of the definitive smart-ass private eye in his character Rafferty. Take part Sam Spade with a little Mike Hammer, mix in some Spenser and you have an awesome character."e; - Cliff Fausset."e;This author goes on my list of great private eye writers along with Kinky Friedman, Elmore Leonard, and Lawrence Sanders."e; - Tricia Schiro.

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