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A Childfree Happily Ever After

Why more women are choosing not to have children

Tanya Williams

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In A Childfree Happily Ever After, entrepreneur, fur-parent and childfree advocate Tanya Williams dives deep into the reasons why women choose to have or not to have children, including the social, cultural and biological factors that influence our decisions.

Just some of the topics this book covers include:

  • How young girls are raised to become mothers
  • The social and cultural pressures facing women when it comes to motherhood
  • The myth of the ticking biological clock
  • What the blokes think (yes, it takes two to tango!) 
  • How to find your own path to fulfilment

A Childfree Happily Ever After brings the childfree conversation to life, lifts the veil on how childfree women are treated in society, and shares true stories of women from all walks of life.

If you are childfree or unsure if you want to have children, this book will help you to respond to the judgement, find your voice and make a decision that's right for you.

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