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Paper & Fire

Edwin J McBride

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


A daughter protected from lies…A man burdened with fear…A family torn apart by a secret…

This complex psychological novel tells of love, loss, illness, pain, death, and the tangled web woven when people who love each other hide the truth and hold onto traumatic memories. Moving across two generations, where love overcomes grief, damage and loneliness.

A woman abandoned; a man tormented and a daughter deceived entwined in a story that has at its heart the life and death of a writer, and the impact his life and his writing have on his intimate circle and their connections. A tale of gritty realism…a journey into the darker side of relationships that create disturbing psychological complexity and tension.

“The author of this wonderful work has a passion for writing about people and their complex emotions…The construction of the story line across many years, with some flashbacks, and interwoven excerpts from the writings of the central character is very successful. This novel will definitely attract readers who love great psychological drama with dark themes woven into a redemptive story…5 stars” Robert, IndieAuthor Reviewer

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