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Mentally at Work

Optimising health and business performance through connection

Genevieve Hawkins

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If you haven't got your head in the sand, you can't help but notice how much the developed world is talking about mental health. Whether it be discussions on the rates of mental ill health or the latest 'thing to do' to cope with the anxieties and challenges in an ever-changing world. Rapid changes in the world are impacting our collective mental health, and as a leader, you need to get ahead of the curve if you don't want to leave performance on the table. But to not leave performance on the table you have to get under the skin of how your mental health is connected to the way you lead, your team's mental health AND the performance of the business. Real Estate Agents shout 'Location, Location, Location', this book shouts 'Connection, Connection, Connection.' This book is about understanding the science behind why connection matters and the practical strategies to build your own mental health, the mental health of the team and the strength of connection that delivers results. This book is written by a senior manager for senior managers. It pushes away the jargon and 'fluff' to give you insights into why you can't afford to ignore the tsunami hitting the developed world. Your own health, your business performance and your future leadership impact depend upon it.



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