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Searching For Love

Which path will you take?

Sonia Crystella

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Ratgeber / Familie


Are you seeking LOVE?  Are you confused by LOVE?  Has LOVE been eluding you? Have you lost your true LOVE?

This book will take you on a journey of understanding; how love and its emotions affect us, and why we keep searching for it. We’ll explore the magic and joy that it brings into our life, the mistakes we make when we love the wrong people, and the roller coaster ride it takes us on. Some of what we’ll explore in this book:

Online dating and traditional matchmaking agencies, and how they operate, with tips on how to use online profiles to your advantage.

Healing from loss, and what makes us vulnerable.

Dating over 50 and how it can be the beginning of a wonderful new adventure.

The younger generations’ struggle with relationships and self-worth issues, and why they are becoming depressed about their search for love and happiness.

Infidelity, the repercussions, and what happens when there is third party love.    

Is monogamy possible?

Let’s explore what this word LOVE means to us; it’s pure form and its distorted version, and the lengths we will go to find it.

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