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But What if I Die?

Love, Life, Sex & Chicken Salt Fries

Brigitte Nieberl

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Belletristik / Humor, Satire, Kabarett


Have you ever accidentally drunk called your ex-boyfriend's mum or let a misunderstanding run on for two years because you were too awkward to correct it and now people think you are a French exchange student?Well, that's Brigitte's life. It's okay though because she's concluded that if you don't laugh at yourself you'll cry, and at least laughing burns more calories. Relationships, jobs, love, sex, grief and insecurities, it's all in this book, spread out for you like a cheese platter. Grab a glass of wine, a bucket of ice cream and become best friends with Brigitte in this quick, hilarious read that will have you wondering: Is she talking about my life?!

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