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Soft Is The New Hard

How to Communicate Effectively Under Pressure

Leah Mether

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Leaders! Do you have days when you feel like you're communicating with toddlers rather than adults in the workplace?Are you tired of dealing with sulking, tantrums, personality clashes and poor performance?If you are not getting the results you need as a high-performance leader, this book is for you.In it, you will learn a new approach to communication that will radically improve your leadership effectiveness.Communication is the KING of the so-called ‘soft’ skills that are essential in the modern workplace. Yet most of us have had little or no training in how to communicate effectively, particularly under pressure.We haven’t been taught the FOUNDATIONS of GREAT communication.In Soft is the New Hard, communications and soft-skills specialist Leah Mether gives you the complete solution: a step-by-step process that underpins communication and lays the foundations for success.Mether’s proven strategies will help you: defuse conflict manage yourself under pressure inspire individuals and teams to action influence decisions and outcomes lead your team through change, restructure or transition deliver difficult messages communicate clearly in an emergency or crisis No-one is a perfect communicator, everyone can improve. And with this book, Mether shows you how.

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