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It was the best of times...

Notes on a busy life

Colin Fitzgerald

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Life in post-war Britain is witness to stories of deprivation and excesses; from the austerity of the 1950s through to the sex-obsessed swinging 60s in London and the cocaine-fuelled 1980s.

From bicycles and baked beans to a Rolls Royce and caviar. From a maisonette to a mansion and back again. Freezing darkrooms and toxic workshops to state-of-the-art studios and luxury suites.

From the author:

Young readers who wish to further their capitalist ambitions should take note of the many mistakes I made, but I would encourage them to pursue their dream, pushing everything aside to achieve it, as looking back now, it was a whole lot of fun!

Colin Fitzgerald now lives quietly and contentedly in Australia with his wife, Viola, and Staffordshire bull terrier, Zelda.

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