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Empowered Minds

Transform your mind, expand your consciousness, life a life of purpose

Kalí Alfaro

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Sachbuch / Angewandte Psychologie



Are you tired of feeling stressed and stuck in your life?

Are you looking for a way to create lasting change, let go of your limitations and actually

enjoy the process?

In this easy to read, hard to put down practical book Kalí guides you through easy to follow

steps to clear out the emotional baggage from your mind and create an empowered


Empowered Minds will show you how to overcome adversity, create a strong mindset and

tap in to your unlimited potential.

In Empowered Minds you will find:

• Kalí's 7 principles that will show you how to let go of the shackles of stress, fear,

limitations and negative thought patterns.

• How to reprogram your subconscious mind with empowering thought patterns.

• Easy to follow exercises used in case studies that show clinically proven methods to

improve your mind, health and love for life.

• A hypnotic meditation that will fast track your healing and empowerment journey.

• Exciting adventures from remote villages around the globe that weave life lessons

you can apply.

• Concepts and ideas that transform the way you see life, open up the mystery of your

subconscious awareness and activate states of bliss.

Empowered Minds trains readers to unleash the powers of your subconscious mind,

connecting to the mystery deep within you.

Empowered Minds helps you tap in to your unlimited potential. The principles in this book

along with the hypnotic meditation will guide you into states of bliss, creating the mindset,

wellness and life you truly desire.

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