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Eyes on China

An Intermediate-Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese

Chih-p'ing Chou, Jincheng Liu, Xin Zou, et al.

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Eyes on China is the ideal textbook for students entering the third year of a four-year course of Chinese language study and those who are ready to move from an intermediate to advanced level. Bridging the gap between informal spoken Chinese and more formal written Chinese, this textbook presents an on-the-ground perspective of what a visitor to China today might see and experience.

Unlike other advanced-level textbooks, which typically feature essays, articles, and reviews from Chinese newspapers and magazines, the selections included here have all been written by the authors expressly for this book. They cover a range of timely China-related topics, including the problem of air pollution, corruption, infrastructure development, the development of high-speed rail, the prevalence of knock-off products in the marketplace, new tech trends, the contemporary art scene, and the relationship between mainland China and Taiwan. Each chapter’s featured text is accompanied by grammar structure explanations, a vocabulary list, and other useful tools.

· An ideal textbook for students progressing to advanced-level Chinese language study
· Brand-new materials present a comprehensive understanding of China today
· Features original selections enhanced by grammar explanations, vocabulary lists, and other tools



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